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since 1978

Following the values of the island with love and respect for the sea, our family has sailed daily to provide the central market of Piraeus with fresh fish.

In 1985, the younger family members followed the same path with their brand new fishing boat “Chrysoula”. In 2003, we expanded our business and opened our fish shop at the central municipal market of Poros; supplying both the island, as well as the surrounding areas.

Today, the new generation of fishermen take great honor in following the traditions and going forth with the same love and respect to ensure that every home has fresh fish and a variety of seafood.

Fish & Seafood

Every day, we provide your home with fresh fish, crayfish, and a variety of seafood from the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Lobsters, Mediterranean sand smelt, European hake, red mullet, common seabream, soupfin shark, European shrimp, European anchovy, clams, squid, crayfish, striped mullet, cockle, mackerel, striped red mullet, Mediterranean sea bass, picarel, saddled sea bream, octopus, mussel, Atlantic bonito, monkfish, trout, dusky grouper, ray, sardines, white sea bream, white grouper, common dentex, parrotfish, red scorpionfish, cuttlefish, European flying squid, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, gilthead sea bream, swordfish, and many more depending on the time of the year.


Our fresh fish is packed in vacuum. Cleaning and special packaging is done immediately after you make your order so that they are kept fresh without alterations, without loss of their nutrients, and without losing their wonderful taste. Thus, transporting them to your home or workplace is completely odorless and completely safe for health.


Our store is following every protocol in regards to safety and hygiene. Daily, cleaning is done with professional cleaning machines and special cleaners, approved by EFET, suitable for food stores for all areas of the store.


Sustainability is a very important matter, which is pursued according to the highest standards. The responsibility for our employees, as well as, the protection of the environment are deeply rooted within us. Awareness and sensitivity for sustainable development are growing steadily and are becoming increasingly important.

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